Gratitude Journal – Pictures and How To

It’s certainly taken me enough time to post these cuties, but here they are!  The gals in our group are just so talented.  🙂  There is a short “how to” so feel free to make your own at home.



Materials: Spiral Notebook, Stamp, Stamp Pad, Wasi tape (several coordinating patterns and colors), glue, twine.

Here’s what we used:gjournal-1

Step 1: Cover your spiral notebook with a piece of kraft paper.


Step 2:  a.)  Add three pieces of wasi tape across the bottom of the kraft paper.  I like using different patterns and sizes.


b.)  If you like a little sparkle, add that now to the spine!


Step 3: Use your stamp!


Step 4: Cut a piece of twine for the top of the journal.


Step 5:  Add tape to the piece of twine.  Fold it over onto itself, and then cut the edges into little inverted triangles.



Step 6:  Attach the twine with a little bit of tape on the back side of the cover.


And there you have it!  Have fun making your own!


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