Create In the Margins – Bible Journaling Class 1

I am so happy to report that our very first Bible journaling class, Create in the Margins 1, was a really fun night!  We had about 12 people come and join us, and we spent the night talking, and working on our Bible journaling entries.

For this class, we gave the prompt of Genesis 3:11, “Who told you that you were naked?”

Odd verse to start out with, right?   You see, the story in Genesis 3 has to do with Eve and Adam living in this perfect garden of Eden.  Then they make the big mistake of listening to someone (the serpent) who isn’t God.  Instead of trusting that God knew best, they took the serpent’s advice and disobeyed their Father.  Afterwards, they start to experience this shame, and start to be embarrassed because they were naked.  Well, here comes God, and when Adam finally ‘fesses up to being ashamed of how they looked, God asks the question, “Who told you that you were naked?”.

Somewhere in your life, someone or something has probably made you feel less than enough, too much, not pretty, worthless, a failure… the list goes on.  And when we start to listen to those voices, when we start to feel that same shame that Even and Adam felt, we need to stop and ask the question, “WHO told me that?”  Because it definitely wasn’t my Heavenly Father.  He thinks I am awesome, beautiful, a new creation!   When we listen to God’s voice, we start to see ourselves through his eyes, as someone who is worthy of love, who has strength to love those around us, who is brave and courageous enough to live the life He called us to.  That is the only voice I want to be listening to!

So, for this Bible study, we made everyone an owl prompt for the “WHO told you that” line.  We used the new Cricut Gold machine, and made a variety of different owls.  Each person used whatever medium they preferred to journal the entry. (I used my Mermaid Markers, and my mom used her watercolor crayons!)


Everyone’s art came out so different, and I truly think this was one of the funnest Bible studies that I have ever participated in!

The rest of the night we sat and worked on other pages and had some fun fellowship and give-a-ways.

If you are in the Lodi/Stockton/Galt area and want to join us next month, we would love to have you!  See the Faith Community website for more information, or leave me a comment here and I can contact you!



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